The security of your personal information is super important to us.
Here are our top tips on how to avoid fraud, scams, phishing and theft.

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Help us in the fight against fraudulent claims by:

Checking the accounts you receive from medical service providers for errors or inconsistencies, checking your member statement, SMS notifications and emails from the Fund to ensure claims are processed correctly and that there are no claims for services not provided.

Suspect fraudulent activity against the Fund?

Examples of fraud scams are:

  • A service provider putting in a claim for services that were never rendered.
  • A service provider performing a procedure or providing treatment that is excluded by the Fund Rules, and then charging for it under a different code.
  • A pharmacy providing generic medicine but charging for the more expensive brand name.

Fraud Hotline

If you suspect that a service provider, colleague or any other person or organisation may be engaged in fraudulent activities against the Fund, please contact the Fraud Hotline on:
Toll-free number: 080 111 4447
Fax : 086 672 1681
Call-back No (Please Call Me’s): 072 595 9139

You can choose to remain anonymous.

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