Diving into wellness with Dr Bielqees Salie

Imagine a background as diverse and intricate as a tapestry woven with threads of experience and dedication – this is Dr Bielqees Salie, our newest OMSMAF Trustee in a nutshell. Delightful, experienced, and ready to navigate the complex pathways of healthcare with you…

A journey rooted in resilience

As Senior Medical Officer at Old Mutual, Dr Salie brings more than just medical expertise; she arrives with a robust combination of passion, unwavering commitment and an indomitable drive.

A seasoned medical professional, Dr Salie has a remarkable talent for placing the spotlight squarely on your healthcare journey. You can trust that your wellbeing will take centre stage with her on the team.

Her story is more than just an impressive resume filled with professional achievements – it is also a celebration of family strength. Raised by her single mother, she became the first grandchild to attend university, setting the stage for a remarkable academic legacy leading to a mini-medical dynasty celebrating five doctors.

Born and bred in Cape Town, Dr Salie carved her academic path at Westerford High School, later pursuing her undergraduate studies at the University of Stellenbosch. Currently on an exciting postgraduate journey at the University of Cape Town, Dr Salie is making her mark in medicine.

 She comes with a reservoir of expertise and a genuine commitment to the principles of patient-centric healthcare and public health advocacy. Her presence marks a significant chapter in our collective pursuit of excellence and dedication to the wellbeing of our members.

On a personal note, Dr Salie celebrates 15 years of marriage and is weaving a fulfilling life with her spouse, raising two wonderful daughters.

A promise to members: A well-rounded advocate

As a trustee, Dr Salie commits to being a tireless advocate, leveraging her diverse skills to enhance the value of our medical aid fund. Her promise is not just professional; it’s a genuine heartfelt commitment to the wellbeing of our members and the community.

 Dr Salie, drawing from her extensive experience, prioritises policies that enhance member wellbeing and actively seeks innovative opportunities to improve our medical aid fund. In times of unpredictability, she pledges to be a steadfast advocate for members. Committed to the broader wellbeing of members and communities, Dr Salie engages in public health discussions, advocating for preventive measures and initiatives addressing social determinants of health.

 Beyond the boardroom: charitable endeavours

In addition to her role as a trustee, Dr Salie actively participates in charity events. Notably, she was the keynote speaker for a Women of Worth charity event earlier this year, connecting with individuals to make a tangible impact on the lives of others.

 Welcome to OMSMAF, Dr Salie! 

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