Unveiling to the OMSMAF quiz! Want to find out how body-wise you are? Then dive right in.

Welcome to the OMSMAF quiz! Want to find out how body-wise you are? Then dive right in.

1. How many bones are there in the adult human body?

a) 106

b) 206

c) 306

d) 406

2. Which of the following is responsible for regulating metabolism?

a) Thyroid gland

b) Pancreas

c) Kidneys

d) Spleen

3. What is the recommended daily intake of water for an average adult?

a) 1 litre

b) 2 litres

c) 3 litres

d) 4 litres

4. Which nutrient is essential for the formation and repair of body tissues?

a) Carbohydrates

b) Proteins

c) Fats

d) Fibre

5. What is the leading cause of blindness in adults worldwide?

a) Glaucoma

b) Cataracts

c) Macular degeneration

d) Diabetic retinopathy

6. Which lifestyle factor is a significant contributor to heart disease?

a) Regular exercise

b) Healthy diet

c) Smoking

d) Sufficient sleep

7. Approximately what percentage of the world's population is affected by mental health disorders?

a) 5%

b) 15%

c) 25%

d) 35%

8. Which neurotransmitter is often associated with feelings of happiness and wellbeing?

a) Histamine

b) Dopamine


d) Glycine

9. How fast can a sneeze travel?

a) 32 kilometres per hour

b) 80 kilometres per hour

c) 120 kilometres per hour

d) 160 kilometres per hour

10. What is the approximate length of the small intestine in an adult

a) 1.5 meters

b) 4.5 meters

c) 7.5 meters

d) 10.5 meters

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