Roadshow and Year-End Schedules

Here is where you find everything you need to know about the changes for the 2022/23 benefit year.
How to book a One-on-One session, When the Roadshows are scheduled and the links. We have also added a Summarised Benefit Guide this year.

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OMSMAF brochures in downloadable PDF format.

Roadshow FAQs 2022

Member Guide 2022/23

New Benefit Year 2022/23

Plan Selection Form 2022/23

SELECT List Hospitals 2022/23

Year-End Roadshow Schedule and Links

Year-End Plan Selection One-on-One Sessions

Member Guide Summary 2022/23


Benefit Changes Presentation 2022/23 Network Plan


Benefit Changes Presentation 2022/23 Savings Plan


Benefit Changes Presentation 2022/23 Hospital Plan


Benefit Changes Presentation 2022/23

OMSMAF Roadshow Presentation 2022/23 Benefit Year

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